A First Look at Our Second Home

When we made our first trip on the ferry from Fort Morgan to Dauphin Island in 2003, we had no idea it was the first trip of many to our second home.  We hit the tourist attractions first, the Estuarium, Fort Gaines and took a walk at the Audubon Bird Sanctuary.  But my most vivid memory is our drive down Bienville Blvd., where the trees parted and the view of the ocean and Mississippi Sound hit us for the first time.  We were amazed not only by the beauty of the beaches, but the lack of hustle and bustle.  “This is not a city by the beach,” I thought,” this is a beach village, like a home away from home!”  And as a Kansas prairie girl, I was amazed by the Dauphin Island school which is located right on the beach.  I couldn’t have comprehended that as a kid!  Over more time and trips, we fell in love with the island, and now the time has come where we can call it a second home.  And we would love to share it with you!

Construction is underway on Walkin’ on Sunshine!  The walls are up and the roof will be done in a couple of weeks.  Now we get to make all of the decisions!  I’m excited but nervous about it, as you only have one chance to choose wisely.  Of course I will be posting many pictures from our trip soon, but in the meantime we have a picture from a couple of weeks ago.  The house is turned diagonal on the lot so we will always have an ocean view off the large back deck. The house also has a huge wall of windows that will allow for great views from the inside. Our house should be listed on the vacation rental site soon, but for now click on the Contact Us button for booking information.

I will be posting soon with more information and pictures about things to do on Dauphin Island.

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