Best Dauphin Island Restaurants

Picking the best Dauphin Island restaurants is a difficult task. While there is not a large quantity of restaurants on the island, the quality of food served at each restaurant is superior to what you find in most beach towns.

As Michelle Matthews notes in an article on, there has been a restaurant revolution on Dauphin Island. Small, locally owned restaurants are beginning to pop up again. This is a sign that the city is thriving.

As more restaurants start-up, it is important to highlight a few places that we feel are the best Dauphin Island restaurants.

Skinner’s Seafood is a personal favorite. Skinner’s is a carry out style restaurant that has some of the freshest seafood I have ever tasted.  Their motto is, “at Skinner’s, the seafood you buy today was swimming in the Gulf last night!” Skinner’s will steam the food you pick out or you can buy it uncooked and take it home. A personal choice of mine is their steamed peel and eat shrimp plate. For only $8 you will get more food that you can handle. The plate comes with 1/2 lb of headless medium shrimp, one corn on the cob and one red potato with butter and cocktail sauce on the side.

Another favorite on the island is Pirate’s Pleasure. They serve breakfast, dinner and lunch and are open everyday. Pirate’s Pleasure is tucked away near the golf course. The restaurant offers excellent views of the water and has a variety of food that is reasonably priced. The seafood is great, but if you are looking to change things up, try their ribeye sandwich with a side of their famous baked beans! The staff is friendly and the setting is beautiful.

If you need a break from seafood, I would recommend IR Italian. The restaurant serves a variety of Italian dishes for the entire family. The lasagna dish is excellent and their fresh salad bar is delicious. You won’t find iceburg lettuce on their salad bar. They are conveniently located on Bienville.

The next time you visit Dauphin Island, AL, try one of these restaurants. You won’t be disappointed. While I only picked out a few personal favorites, most every restaurant on the island is staffed with great people and has great food.

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